I got an iPad Pro, and it’s true ❤️

Current mood: 😍

The above fishy drawing is from playing with the Adobe Sketch app for a few minutes. I’m pretty convinced no longer need to anything but this device to entertain myself for the foreseeable future.

It’s even easy to type on this thing! And the Apple Pencil makes it heaven….

You have to understand, I’ve been searching/waiting for something like this device since they first invented the touchscreen. (I just dated myself.)

Nonetheless, to say “I’m tickled” is an understatement. I’m ecstatic, but in a very “quietly intently drawing kind of way” since I’ve been up since 6am drawing on it…

After having gone to bed at 2am for having played with it.

I just drew this cute little plant in Adobe Draw.


I’ve been compelled to create art on computer screens since high school when all I had was an overpriced clunky desktop computer and Microsoft Paint. I’d create “masterpieces” with a wired rollerball mouse and the zoom tool.

Oh we’ve come so far… 😍❤️

(Brb must keep drawing.)

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